The EggParty lives on...

Voting is Open!

The 2023 eggs are up and voting is open! Take a look and cast your vote to help a few amazing artists make history.

Welcome! Welkom!

Thank you for visiting the home of the World Renowned Dubbeldam Easter Egg Competition. Whether it's your first time visiting or you are an egg painting veteran, take a few moments for a virtual stroll through the ages to marvel at the glorious eggs of years gone by in the Egg Archives or wonder in awe at Champions of the Past in our Hall of Fame.

***2023 Competition Update***

With each passing year, the caliber and quantity of submissions has increased. In light of this, the organizers have revisited the voting system and have an exciting announcement. In 2023 for the first time in Egg Competition history, we proudly introduce categories!

This year, voters will select eggs that best represent the following categories, with winners crowned for each. As with past years, there will still be a grand-prize winner, Best in Show, which will be awarded to the egg artist who's egg receives the most overall votes.

Without further ado, we introduce the 2023 Egg Vote Categories:

Voting details: voters will now receive a total of six votes. Three votes will be unstructured and assigned to the voters top three eggs overall (as in past years) and three additional votes for Funniest, Cutest, and Most Innovative. Overlap is allowed.

2023 Important Dates

Easter Sunday: April 9

Egg Submission Deadline: Monday, April 17

Voting is Open: April 19 to April 26

Champion is Crowned: April 27

If you're new around here, thanks for your interest in the Dubbeldam Eggstravaganza, the annual competition that continues to bewitch the hearts of admirers of fine egg art across the globe.

Decades of fierce competition have honed some of the fiercest egg painters in the world ... but make no mistake, this comp-egg-tition is anyone's game.

Will an old-hand take home another trophy for their collection, or will a new contender emerge to woo the hearts of yolks all across the globe?

Please welcome us in ringing another remarkable Eggstravaganza Season!

Take a moment to review the submission rules and FAQs. Be sure to get in your best eggs by April 17th this year.